This section is about the miracles (Karamat) of Hazrat Syed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar (RA). All the topics here is taken from Sirat-e-Madar, a book of Silisilye Madariya written by Alhaj Syed Mahzar Ali Jafferi Waqari Madari.



Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) feed Madar-ul-Alameen (RA)

When Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib reached India and as he got down the shore from the ship, he was surprised to see an old man waiting for him there, who wished Salaam to him with his name. On asking how do you know me ? .. the person replied, “there is no one that doesn’t know you, in some time the whole world will be knowing you”. And he requested him to follow him as his Master has invited Madar Sahib. Following him was a miracle as he went through the jungles he saw a cave which was very huge and with many doors in it. On each door there were guards who looked as if angels, and all wishing the Salaam to Madar Sahib as he passed through each one of them. When Madar sahib reached the extreme inside of the cave, the eyes were surprised as there was a throne in the middle that was glowing with light and The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was visible sitting on it.

The Prophet ordered him to sit beside Him, and said to him that his prayers had been accepted by the almighty Allah. And at the instance there come many angels from the skies holding plates of food in the hand. From that the Prophet hold a bowl of sweet rice and served nine bites to Madar Sahib. With each bite Madar Sahib got the ability to see through the sky and through the earth. The eternal powers increased with every bite. Then prophet dressed him with a gown and gently rubbing His hands on Madar Sahib’s face told him,” From today onwards you will never feel hungry, nor you will be thirsty and never will your clothes be dirty”. With these words he stood up and handed over the throne to Madar Sahib and said that this throne will be your vehicle throughout your journeys, whenever you wish this throne will fly and carry you to your desired place.

As it was the miracle from the almighty Allah, it was in vein for Madar Sahib to eat, drink and sleep.

This kind of being need not have the care to eat or drink, instead never compares anything but for him gold and sand are of same value. He sees the world as if seeing a small quantity of grains in his palms. It is all up to his wish that he needs to walk on water as if he is walking on sand, or else just order the throne to fly him to the desired place.

Hazrat Gulam Ali NaqshBandi Mujdiddi has said in his book Darul Muaarif , page no 243, that Qutubul Madar had the blessings from Allah upon his prayers he asked, that he need not feel hungry now thirsty, and he got it. The rest of his life went the same way.

Hazrat Abdul-haq Dehelvi had said in his book, Akhbarul Aakhiyaar, that the life of Sayed Badiuddin was apart from all, as he did not eat for years and never changed his clothings. It is also said that no one was able to see his faced with naked eyes as it had intensive light. The one who tried to see was had to bow down due to the intensity of light coming from Madar Sahib’s face.

These events are also mentioned in the books Foosul Masoodiya and Tajkiratul Muttakee

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The luck of Sayyeda Bibi Naseeba 

Hazrat Sayed Abdul Kadir Jilani Gausey Samnani, had two sisters. One was Sayeda zainub Bi and other was Sayeda Bibi Naseeba. Among the two sisters, Sayeda Naseeba did not had any children. One day in a she went to Abdul Kadir Jilani (may he rest in peace) and requested that even the particles of the universe are being blessed by your prayers and I am without a child. Please pray for me too that I have a child in my lap. With this request she got the answer from her brother that you will be blessed with a child but it is all with the thought of Zinda Shah Madar, if he prays for you, and he will be coming soon here. You place your request before him and if he prays for you then you will surely be blessed by the almighty Allah.

It was not much time to be spent for the waiting of the moment that Hazrat Madar Shah arrived in the town and this news spread throughout which encouraged Sayeda Naseeba to go before him. On her request Hazrat Madar Shah gave her an answer that she will give birth to two sons but only if she gives one son to him for spreading the knowledge of Islam. Sayeda Naseeba agreed for the wish and went away.

Days passed and when Hazrat Madar Shah visited Baghdad for the third time, there were two sons of Sayeda Naseeba Bibi. The elder son’s name was Sayed Mohammad and the younger son’s name was Sayed Ahmad. Hazrat Madar Shah sahib stayed in Baghdad for some days. One day when the elder son was playing on the terrace of the house, he suddenly fall down and died on the spot. His mother was in tears and sorrow as she lost her son. But to the instance she had a thought in her mind that this son of hers’ was to be given to Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib as per the promise she had made to him. So she took the dead body of her son to Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib and told him that with his prayers Allah has blessed her with two sons, and according to the promise made she has kept one for herself and the other which was to be given to you is here in the form of a dead body. On this Madar Sahib was happy and replied that he owns this child now. Weeping said Sayeda Naseeba Bibi that the ones who are dead are not owned by anyone.

On this Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib stood besides the dead body and said, “hey Jamaluddin Janeman Jannati, get up with the orders of the almighty Allah”. The moment these words were uttered by Madar Shah Sahib, the boy woke up and stood beside him. Later he was known by the same name as Janeman Jannati. He was called by other titles also as Jummanjati, Jamil Shah and Datar, Jamal Shah. His chilla shareef is still present in many parts of the world. His tomb is in Helsa Jatinagar in Bihar.

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Voices in Ajmer

When Sayed Badi’uddin Shah Madar Sahib reached Ajmer for the first time, it was the 300 hijri era. He stayed on the kokla mountains of Ajmer. Before his arrival to Ajmer, Hazrat Hussein Khing Sawar Sahib and his followers had sacrificed their lives. And their bodies were just lying on the mountains without the kafan, and people used to hear voices of the takbir from them. It was so intense that the one who heard it became deaf. The residents were afraid and also tried to get out of this by calling magicians for stopping these voices with their powers.

But some people who were serious about the matter came forward to Madar Sahib and made him aware of their problem. Madar Sahib assured them that they will be soon out of the current situation as this very night these voices will be stopped. He ordered his followers to go on the Taragadh mountain where these bodies were lying since a long time who’s suffering if known only by the almighty Allah. He asked them to attend the funeral of the ones with all respect and burry according to the rules of Islam. The followers obeyed their master’s orders and the voices stopped.

Next day many people with the curiosity of this miraculous act, came to Madar Sahib and accepted Islam.

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Crying of the meat

In Kannauj there lived a man who did not had any children. Attracted towards the fame of Zinda Shah Madar Sahib, he came to him with his wife. Madar Sahib prayed for him after listening to him. The almighty Allah gave a child to the man but it was in the form of a meat piece, with no limbs and legs and head. The man took this to Madar Sahib.

Madar Sahib starred at him and with his chanting the meat started to cry. The almighty Allah gave life to him and was in the form of a human. Later he was known by the name ALRAI.

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Blind get eyes 

Once when Sayed Badi’uddin Shah Madar reached the city of Surat, he was crowded by the people there. Amongst them was a blind man sitting on the way with a question to Madar Sahib. Looking at him the saint immediately did the Wazu (a process of washing face, hands and legs in Islam), and with the same water he washed the eyes of the blind man. On this the blind man was able to see as he got his vision back. With this miraculous deed the residents of the surrounding regions had great respect to the saint.

For this the dwellers had so much respect to the saint that they added Shah to their own names, proving their love to the saint. You can find Shah with the names of Muslims as well as Hindus these days, which is originated from here.

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Women converted to men

Once Sayed Madar Sahib ordered his followers (khadims) to search for a suitable place for building a mosque in a nearby village. When they reached the village for obeying the orders of their Master and were searching for a place for the task, they came across magicians of the village who turned them into goats. When Madar Sahib came to know about this he went to the village. On his arrival he saw two women from the same magicians there. When Madar Sahib saw them, the almighty Allah immediately turned their bodies into men. On seeing these women turned into men, the people realized the importance of the saint and they came forward to him and expressed their mistake before him. As they had felt guilty of themselves and pleaded before the saint, Madar Sahib prayed on behalf of them to the almighty Allah to have pity on them. On this the women regained their bodies as before and with real faith they accepted Islam and became Muslims

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The well that stormed

Once Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib visited Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. They were resting when they felt the need of water. So the khadims went to the nearby region in search of water. In a nearby village they found a well, and they tried to take some water from it when they were refused by some dwellers to take the water from their well. The khadims returned to Madar Sahib and stated the situation they had undergone in the village. On listening to this Madar Sahib replied and said, “Go to the well and tell him that, SHAHID-E-KARBALA’S grand son Badi’uddin had called you”. The khadims did the same. Hearing this the well water rose to the height of extent and converted into a cyclone. Everywhere it was water and people would not believe themselves. When the khadims had filled their pots the well took its original position and the water got still. With this miracle the ones who had refused to the khadims for taking water from this well, felt guilty and bowed down before Madar Sahib to say sorry for their deed. Madar sahib forgave them as they got a lesson of their deed.

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Ruined tree regained its greenery

Once Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib was in his preaching. During his speech one man passed by curious of what is going on here with such a crowd listening to the saint. The man asked one of his followers (Shaikh Mohammad Bakaullah) what is going on here ? He got the answer that,” He is Hazrat Sayed Badi’uddin Qutubul Madar, my saint. He is been entitled with the name Madar which is the topmost”. But the man in the crowd said that he doesn’t agree to this unless he sees some happening with his own eyes.

Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib realized what was going on in this persons mind and he called him near and asked, “ What is the tree which lies in front of your house of ?”. On this the man replied that he doesn’t know that, as this tree is very much old and years before a thunder lightening has destroyed this tree. Since then it is ruined and never produced any leaves nor any fruit. So it is difficult to make out what specie it belonged to. On listening to this Madar Sahib asked the man to see towards that tree and tell him now, which is that tree ?

The man was not able to believe his own eyes as he was able to see the same tree with leaves and full of coconuts onto it. With this Madar Sahib asked the man if he was able to accept whatever was in his mind ? The man bowed before the saint as he felt sorry for his deed. Madar sahib told him to take care of the tree, and the one who drinks its water is away from eye diseases.

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Talking of a flower

Once Shaikh Isa (R A) greeted Hazrat Madar Sahib with flower of the pine (kewda). He said presenting it that flowers with fragrance is not acceptable. On this Hazrat Madar Sahib replied that until and unless it is suspicious. It was just time that Shaikh Isa was about to argue about the matter that the flower in the hand of Hazrat Madar Sahib started talking. It replied that it is suspicious. With this miracle Shaikh Isa was stunned felt guilty of himself as he made a false thought and was trying to make it a point in the argument which had no reason.

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 Drowned boat started sailing

One day Hazrat Madar Sahib was sitting at a banks of a river. A merchant loaded a boat with his products and went away on his voyage. After some time the boat drowned into the river. This was spotted by a fisherman who came running before Hazrat Madar Sahib and stated what he saw. On listening to him Hazrat Madar Sahib picked up a hand full of mud and gave it to him and ordered him to put this mud on the spot where the boat had drowned. The fisherman obeyed the orders of the saint and it was unbelievable for him to see the boat again sailing on the water. With this miracle with the hands of Hazrat Madar Sahib he brought himself in the preaching of Hazrat Madar Sahib and with his friends he accepted Islam.

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Dead skull talked 

Once Hazrat Madar Sahib passed through a garden along with his followers. Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Abu Fansur (R A), has stated that during this Hazrat Madar Sahib saw a skull which was lying in that garden. Being curious to know about the skull, Hazrat Madar Sahib went to it and asked, “who are you?, what is your existence?”.

On this the almighty Allah gave the skull the power to speak. It said that he was an employee who used to work for his master and however look after his children. But all of a sudden he died and it was 12 years that he is lying in that garden. He also said that he is undergoing the uneasy conditions as well as sins. No one is cared to know about him and he is of nowhere now.

On hearing this Hazrat Madar Sahib prayed before the almighty Allah and asked for life for the skull. With the blessings of the almighty Allah, the skull was given a body and it turned into a living man. Hazrat Madar Sahib gave him a name as Zamzama and he lived for another 12 years.

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The feeling

Once when Hazrat Madar Sahib was in the gulf with his followers. Many people used to come to him to greet him. At this same time Hazrat Shaikh Naseeruddin came to know that Hazrat Madar Sahib is staying there, but he didn’t meet him.

It was a coincidence that Hazrat Jamaluddin Janeman Jannati who was just roaming about came across Hazrat Shaikh Naseeruddin and asked him why didn’t he meet Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib? On this he got the answer that he too is a Wali of the almighty Allah as same as Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib. Listening to this Hazrat Jamaluddin Janeman Jannati got upset as it hurtled him a lot to listen to such words for his master. But without saying anything he just left the place and came back to his master.

Knowing what is going in Hazrat Jamaluddin Janeman Jannati’s mind, Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib said to him, “Jamaluddin, the talks of Naseeruddin has hurted you. Isn’t it? On this Hazrat Jamaluddin Janeman Jannati kept his silence. But it was not too late that he saw Hazrat Naseeruddin coming towards Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib and bow before him and took his words back knowing that he himself was wrong.

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Chewing the Iron grams (chana)

Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madarwas residing on the Kokla mountains of Ajmer. With the fame of his name throughout, a magician named Adharnath, presented a sack of iron grams (chana) to him. On receiving this Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madarsaid that he was fasting so it should be distributed amongst his fellows. When these grams were taken in the hands of the followers, they just started chewing it.

This was a miraculous act for the magician as he just starred at thee followers of Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madarchewing the iron grams. He was more stunned when he saw that Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madartook a gram and buried it into the mountain mud. And with that it gave a very big tree which gave fruits which were big as compared to other trees.

The magician was so curious with this miracle that he, along with his fellows accepted Islam. The chain which occurred from this generation still exists and is known as jogis.

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The healing

Hazrat Ahmad was a good horse rider. One day when he was riding he thought that he is the only person who is in peace and does not have any type of problems in life. He just thought of the thing and unfortunately the horse slipped which resulted in Hazrat Ahmad tumbling from the horse back and seriously hurting himself. He was injured very badly that he felt unconscious with pain and bleeding.

Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madarcame to him and ordered him,”upto what time will you be unconscious ? just to get up and confess before the almighty Allah”. With these words Hazrat Ahmad woke up and confessed that his thought was incorrect. He tried to touch Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib’s feet but was unable to do so as he was still in great pain. The horse came running to Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madaron his call. He took them to a nearby village where lived a jarrah (doctor). Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madarasked him to heal this young man, but he replied that it is of no use. It is away from his knowledge to save this man’s injuries. He said that he wont survive.

On hearing this Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madartook some pomegranate (anar) coverings which were lying on the floor and grinded them. Then it was applied on the wounds which stopped the bleeding immediately. After some days Hazrat Ahmad was again fit. He then accepted the Madariya chain and became the follower of Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib. He stayed with Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madarin his journey to Makkah.

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Funeral of the living man

Maulana Shahabuddin Malekul Ulma was been entitled as the Kazi-ul-kujjat. He used to listen about Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib, but didn’t care of what he is listening as he did not have faith in him. Once he came forward to Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib and asked him many questions. He got the answer to every question he asked to Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib. But still he was not convinced with him.

This nature went to such an extent that he asked a man to pretend to be dead and covered him with the kafan and lied him inside the janaza. He ordered some men to take this janaza to Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib as if it is a real funeral, and ask him to offer the namaz-e-janaza. This was done only to know the ability of Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib because according to his knowledge if Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib offered the namaz, then he will be proved wrong as this namaz is meant for the ones who are dead and not alive.

The people did the same and took the funeral to Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib. On reaching there they requested Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib to perform the namaz-e-janaza for the dead. With their request Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib came forward and performed the namaz with all respect. After finishing the namaz he went inside his tent. The ones who had brought this janaza started laughing at Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib and opened the janaza to uncover the face of the man lying inside. But the people were shocked to find the man dead inside the janaza.

When Kazi Sahabuddin came to know about this, he came to Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib and requested to forgive him for the deed.

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The power in the prayers

Once in Bangladesh there was no rain since months and the people were affected by it. The crops were destroyed and the people were starving to death. The citizen gathered before Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib and requested him to pray for rains as they were in bad conditions of life and needed his help the most. On this Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib raised his hands before the almighty Allah and said, “ O Allah the almighty, I am a human and with the realization of guilt I plead before you that you feel pity on your creatures and with the grace of the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him), shower your blessings on us. The almighty Allah listened to his prayers and Bangladesh people were gifted with heavy rains. The rains were so heavy that the ones who had come to Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib were unable to go back home. Everywhere it was water and the citizens were celebrating to welcome the rains. The citizens thanked Hazrat Madar Shah Sahib with all respect and it was only because of him that they were happy.

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Sand turned copper to Gold 

One day a Sadhu came to Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar when he was sitting on the banks of a river. The sadhu gave Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar a small bottle which he introduced as Aksir. On asking about Aksir, he answered that this is the material which turns copper into gold on contact. Hearing this Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar threw the bottle into the river. By this act the sadhu was a bit angry and said that Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar has ruined his life long work to make this Aksir.

For this Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar replied that a human himself is an Aksir, so why should he try to use another one just to turn a copper into gold. He asked the sadhu, “ how does the Aksir look like ?”. The sadhu replied, “ it looks as if it is dirt “. Just then Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar picked up some dirt from the river and said : “this mud is also the Aksir, take it and make as much gold u need”. The sadhu did not believe in the words of Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar , but he then too tried it. As he rubbed the mud to a copper vessel, it turned into Gold.

Observing this miracle with the hands of Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar , the sadhu converted to Islam and spent a part of his life with Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar .

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52 dacoits turn religious

When Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar was on the black mountains of the Mevat regions he was attacked by dacoits with the intention of looting him. The dacoits planned to theft Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar thinking that he was a merchant with wealth with him. But they did not knew that he had the wealth of love towards the holy Prophet which cannot be snatched by anyone.

When Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar was attacked by them, he just took off the veil (naqab) from his face. With the intense light all of them became blind within moments. Their leader started shouting that he cannot see anything. All his men also had the same complaint but all understood that they had dealed with a great saint and they should bow at his feet for this sin.

They pleaded before Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar to forgive them for their deed and shower his blessings upon them and take them under his custody. For this Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar kept a condition to them that they wont ever rob the innocent or ever threat any human being, only then will they come out of the sin. The dacoits accepted it and with the promise that they will live an innocent life with the teachings of Islam and be his followers. All of them got their eye sight back and were able to see the world with another vision.

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The thought of a calf in namaz

Once in a masjid (mosque) of Jaunpur when Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar was performing namaz in the jamaat, he suddenly broke apart from it and offered the namaz on his own instead of offering it behind the Pesh Imam (head of the Mosque). When he finished his praying, he was asked for the reason why he did not perform the namaz with the others who were doing so behind the Pesh Imam as it is according to the rules of Islam.

On this Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar replied that during the namaz ones mind should totally be in the only almighty Allah and nothing else at all, because if so, the namaz is not acceptable. And the Pesh Imam who was in the prayers had inbetween the namaz got a thought of a calf. So the ones who are performing the namaz behind him in jamat will also bear the sin that their namaz is also not accepted.

When asked by the people, the Imam agreed that he had the thought.

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The blessing in Rajgeer

In the book Sairul Madar it is written on page no. 40 by Zahiruddin Sahsavani Kadri that Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar always did his preachings in different regions about Islam and this was the reason that he was always on tour. It was once that his throne was flying through Rajgeer then Hazrat Makhdoom (R A) stood on a wall when he saw Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar . Then he ordered the wall that Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar ’s throne is coming so you get ten laps forward. On this the wall slid towards the way of Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar .

When Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar reached near Hazrat Makhdoom he was offered a bowl of water. On this Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar smiled and just jerked his had. A rose flower fell from his sleeve which impressed Hazrat Makhdoom.

When he reached Kalpi, it was the end of king Kadirshah’s rule and was defeated by the king of Hoshangabad. When the people came to know of Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar ’s arrival they gathered at his residing place. When Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar used to come out of the house and take the veil off his face, all the present ones fainted and when they used to wake up they accepted Islam.

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Black Magicians accept Islam

When Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib was on his way to Makanpur from Jaunpur, he passed through a village where lived many magicians who turned unknown human blind by their evil powers. Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib stopped at the borders of the village and the magicians tried their evil powers on him. Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib stayed there to rove them their capabilities. But after efforts the magicians were forced to accept that they are dealing with the most divine person on earth. When they realized that no magic works on the person standing at the borders of their village where unknown people had the fear to come, they came to Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib and accepted their guilt.

Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib forgave them and with the recitation of the Kalima accepted them into Islam. Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib went forward on his journey and left some of his representatives (khalifa) with the village so that the teachings of Islam never stop there.

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Dead boy wakes up

In the book ‘Tarikhe Salateene Sharkiya’ it is stated that one day a woman came to Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib and requested that he pray for her as her child had died and now she is alone and finds hard to live. She said that with lots of prayers she had a child but her luck was such that the child died in childhood. She told Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib that due to his prayers many are delighted then why not she.

There was a feeling of sadness with these words to Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib and he went to the grave of the child. He prayed and said the Arabic words: “kum be-iznillah”. With this the dead boy woke up chanting the Kalima.

But the boy requested Hazrat Sayed Zinda Shah Madar Sahib that the world is full of sins and no peace. He said that the real peace is in the heaven so he needs to go back and do not wish to stay in this world.

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